-Carolina Barbeque Catering Menu-

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*Catered Event (Minimum $250.00 order including tax)
1 Meat Plate w/2 sides & drink $7.59 plate
2 Meat Plate w/2 sides & drink (Chop & Chicken) $8.99 plate
1 Dessert $1.00 plate
*Pick-up (you serve) Minimum 30 Plates                              Delivered
1 Meat Plate w/2 sides & drink                                                                  $6.49 plate $7.09 plate
2 Meat Plate w/2 sides & drink                                                                   $7.69 plate $8.49 plate
1 Dessert                                                                                                      $1.00 plate  
Pan or 1/2 Pan Chopped Pork (avg. 5 oz. portions)
Full Pan Chop                             Includes sauce/feeds 56 $125.00
1/2 Pan Chop                              Includes sauce/feed 28 $70.00
Side Items: Baked Beans, Slaw, Corn or Green Beans.  
Full Pan                                     (feeds 56) $45.00
1/2 Pan                                      (feeds 28) $28.00
**All Catering or Plate Pick-ups include: Sauces, Rolls/Buns,  
Cups, Utensils, Plates and of course Our Great Service!!  
Meat Selection:  
-Chopped Pork-Smoked Chicken (Quartered White and Dark)  
*Smoked Turkey, Spiral Hams and Ribs  
*Variable additional cost depending on the market*  
Sides: Baked Beans, Coleslaw, Green Beans, Corn or Parsley Potatoes (3rd side is $.50 more)  
Desserts: Banana Pudding, Brownies